Fast facts

  • Project name: Adopt-a-Place with Frankston City Council
  • Organisation: Frankston City Council
  • Grant fund: Graffiti Prevention Grants
  • Grant amount: $9000
  • Co-contribution: $2500
  • Project partners: Rotary Club of Frankston North, Rotary Club of Frankston Sunrise and students from McClelland Secondary College

Frankston City Council worked with two Rotary Clubs to identify and develop options for graffiti prevention in two local parks, Ballam Park and the Frankston Foreshore. These are two of Council’s busiest parks and a significant amount of graffiti is removed from them each year.

The project objectives were to improve the cleanliness of the parks, therefore increasing perceptions of safety. An Adopt-a-Place model was developed involving volunteers undertaking a range of activities at the parks, such as removing graffiti and painting bollards. The works were undertaken at the parks concurrently through a series of working bees.

Adopt-a-Place signage was used to educate the community about the seriousness of graffiti, to acknowledge the time and effort of park volunteers and to encourage people to report any information they may have to Police. Council has confirmed that the project has been successful, with graffiti vandalism decreasing in the parks.

Following project completion, volunteers completed a short evaluation survey. The results show that through involvement in the project, the volunteers’ sense of community pride had increased, with 90% indicating the amenity of the parks had improved. Many of the volunteers commented that they most enjoyed being able to contribute to a local community project.