Under the new Crime Prevention Strategy, we will establish and support effective partnerships locally, nationally and internationally so we can work together to keep communities safe.

We’ve partnered with New York University to learn about and share with communities the innovative approaches to community development that could apply in Victoria.

The partnership will:

  • support capability building across government and with partner agencies, including Victoria Police, local government and community organisations delivering crime prevention initiatives
  • develop practical tools and resources to support government and community initiatives.

The BetaGov learning model

The BetaGov learning model is a practical, evidence-based approach to test and evaluate new ideas that can be adapted across a wide range of areas and projects.

BetaGov aims to build the capacity of people involved in program delivery to undertake fast assessments of program effectiveness and make improvements in real time.

NYU is providing advice on the BetaGov model to help DJCS empower funded projects in Victoria to quickly assess the impact and effectiveness of their work.

This advice will be shared across government departments and with police, local councils and community organisations to improve their ability to evaluate community safety and crime prevention initiatives.

Learn more about BetaGov (External link)


The NeighborhoodStat (NStat) model involves working with communities to share strategic data and bring together community members, police and local authorities, to identify and address crime and social problems in areas of public housing.

In The US, solutions have included improving public infrastructure, access to healthy food and social supports, community strengthening activities, addressing youth unemployment and beautification of local parks.

We will draw on NYUs experience as we strengthen the capacity of local communities to work together to improve their safety and connectedness. NYU will provide advice and written resources to support our place-based work.

The NStat model aligns with the Crime Prevention Strategy’s Action Area 1 - to empower communities to tackle local issues and work effectively in place.

Learn more about NStat (External link)