The Victorian Government has announced new grants to help local communities tackle youth crime, as part of the Youth Crime Prevention Grants, and stamp out illegal graffiti with the Graffiti Prevention Grants.

Youth Crime Prevention Grants

The Youth Crime Prevention Grants funding will deliver 18 community-led projects to tackle the underlying causes of youth crime and recidivism for young people aged between 10 and 24.

A total of $5.6 million has been provided to eight priority communities with higher crime rates and higher proportions of recidivist young offenders, including Ballarat, Casey, Frankston, Geelong, Greater Dandenong, Hume, Latrobe and Wyndham.

These community-led projects include intensive case management, coaching and mentoring, employment and education opportunities for young people, and are run in partnership with councils, service providers, not-for-profit groups and police.

A further $2 million in grants has been awarded to 10 projects in other communities following a competitive application process run earlier this year.

The government has also awarded more than $1.5 million in grants to programs to empower and re-engage Koori young people through camps, sporting activities, workshops and education, as well as strengthening cultural connection and addressing risk factors. Across Victoria 25 projects have been given funding through the Koori Youth Crime Prevention Grants, which will deliver a range of early intervention, prevention and diversion programs.

A full list of the youth crime prevention projects can be found on our website.

Graffiti Prevention Grants

Twenty-two Victorian councils will team up with community groups, police, schools and local businesses to help stamp out illegal graffiti under the latest round of the Graffiti Prevention Grants.

Almost $445,000 will support Graffiti Prevention projects in communities across Victoria with the aim of reducing opportunities for offending, encouraging community ownership and caring for graffiti hotspots, and raising awareness that illegal graffiti is not art and has negative consequences for offenders and their community.

The Graffiti Prevention Grants provide up to $25,000 for councils to partner with their local communities to help prevent graffiti vandalism.

A full list of the graffiti prevention projects can be found on our website.

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