It is a privilege to feature in the first issue of Crime Prevention In Focus (External link) for 2019 and to share my vision for crime prevention in Victoria.

I was recently sworn in as Minister for Crime Prevention, which is a role to reflect the Victorian Government’s commitment to reducing crime and improving community safety. I balance this role with my other responsibilities as Minister for Corrections, Minister for Youth Justice, and Minister for Victim Support. I’ll be working hard on reforming our justice system to ensure that we are preventing crime before it occurs, reducing reoffending, and listening to the views of victims.

Between 2014 and 2017, I served as Parliamentary Secretary for Justice, which involved reviewing the Community Crime Prevention Program (External link) to ensure that it is supporting communities to prevent crime.

The program has a strong partnership approach and builds community capacity by engaging councils, community groups and others in the response to crime. I am pleased that we invested $25 million to continue the Community Crime Prevention Program and I am proud to continue to drive momentum to ensure that our communities are resilient and safe.  

In this term, the Victorian Government has a renewed focus on improving community safety and preventing crime before it occurs. Community needs to be at the centre of any approach to reducing crime. Safe public spaces contribute to connected and safer communities.

I hope you enjoy this issue of In Focus (External link), and I look forward to getting out into the community to see the important crime prevention initiatives being delivered to make our state safe.