Council, local police and community members came together today to welcome the installation of 11 new CCTV cameras in Bourke Park at Pakenham.

The new high-definition CCTV cameras have been installed to improve community safety and confidence in the park, which is a popular recreational area for families and visitors and a gateway for commuters travelling to and from Pakenham train station.

Cardinia Shire Council was awarded $164,787 through the 2016-17 Public Safety Infrastructure Fund (PSIF) and co-contributed $35,137 to install the CCTV cameras in the park which had been identified as a local crime hotspot.

The cameras have been strategically placed to provide blanket coverage of the park, helping to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour, and improve public perceptions of safety. Footage from the cameras is streamed to the local police station to be monitored by Victoria Police.

Local police say the cameras have already proven to have benefits to both the safety of park users, and in identifying persons linked to criminal activities in the area since their launch in November. 

The new CCTV system complements a number of other amenity improvements which have been made at the park in previous years, including upgraded lighting and landscaping and design works, to increase surveillance and improve attractiveness of the area. These works were also partly funded by a $250,000 PSIF grant.

Find out more about the Public Safety Infrastructure Fund (External link).