A series of number plate theft reduction initiatives will be trialled as part of the Victorian Government’s plan to reduce number plate theft across the state.

The government’s recent Community Safety Statement 2017 (CSS) highlighted the increase in number plate theft in Victoria, and the role this plays in enabling more serious crimes to occur such as robbery, ram raids and house break-ins.

Under the CSS, the government will work with partner organisations, including Victoria Police, VicRoads, the Victoria Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC) and Neighbourhood Watch, to determine the best approach to reducing this high-volume crime.

One of these initiatives is the Number Plate Theft Reduction Trial project, which aims to raise awareness of number plate theft and support residents to reduce the risk of their plates being stolen. A local trial of this project formally commenced in December 2017 in the City of Hume, which was selected due to the high rate of number plate theft in the municipality. Through the trial, residents of the City of Hume can have one-way screws affixed to their number plates at no cost through participating VACC members, and at numerous Neighbourhood Watch ‘Safe Plate Days’ to be held throughout 2018.

For more information about the initiative, or how you can reduce your risk of number plate theft, visit the number plate theft reduction page (External link)