Staff from the Department of Justice and Community Safety recently met with US justice experts David Muhammad, Executive Director of the National Institute of Criminal Justice Reform and Leah Wilson, Executive Director of the State Bar of California.

Sharing their experiences with youth justice and community corrections reform in the US, David and Leah spoke about strengths-based and light-touch approaches to youth justice. They also highlighted the benefits of an incentive-based approach to community corrections in reducing recidivism, increasing public safety and reducing costs to the justice system.

Other key learnings from their session included:

  • The public safety benefits of avoiding imprisonment for technical violations.
  • The role that community-based organisations can take in managing community corrections orders, to improve successful completion rates.
  • Effort is better focused on supporting parents who neglect children to better take care of their kids, rather than removing them.

To learn more about the work of the National Institute of Criminal Justice Reform, visit their website (External link)

David’s presentation slides are available on request. Please email (External link)

Photo: David Muhammad holds a copy of his publication titled "A positive Youth Justice System". 

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