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Links to resources relating to crime prevention in the community.
Title Summary
Fact sheet: Preventing theft from motor vehicles Tips to help prevent theft from your vehicle.
Fact sheet: Preventing theft of motor vehicles Tips to help you prevent vehicle theft.
Fact sheet: Protecting yourself from theft in public Tips to help protect yourself when out and about.
Fact sheet: Public art and murals This fact sheet is designed to support projects using public art such as murals as a crime prevention tool.
Fact sheet: Security alarm systems Information about security alarm systems to supports grant applications.
Fact sheet: Security alarms as a crime prevention tool This information is to support applications for security alarm systems (without video surveillance) under the Community Safety Fund grants.
Fact sheet: Vehicle-as-a-Weapon protective measures Information on vehicle-as-a-Weapon (VAW) protective measures such as bollards, barriers, and landscaping or streetscape elements to support grant applications.
Form - Supplier Details Form - EFT Payments Complete this form to advise of bank details to be supplied with the funding agreement.
Form: Final report certification Use this form to certify the content of your final report.
Form: Photography and video consent This form asks for consent to allow the department to use photographs (photos, photography) or video footage for future promotion of the department’s activities.
Frequently asked questions: Building Safer Communities Program The Building Safer Communities program guidelines provides important information on the requirements of the program and funded projects. You should read the program guidelines before you start your application.
Frequently asked questions: Community Safety Fund Grants 2019-20 These FAQs will help you apply for a 2019-20 Community Safety Fund grant.
Frequently asked questions: Graffiti Prevention Grants 2019-20 These frequently asked questions (FAQs) are essential reading for Victorian councils wishing to apply for a Graffiti Prevention Grant.
Frequently asked questions: Public Safety Infrastructure Fund Grants 2019-20 These FAQs will help you apply for a 2019-20 Public Safety Infrastructure Fund grant.
Funded projects: Koori Youth Crime Prevention Grants A summary of projects funded through the Koori stream of the Youth Crime Prevention Grants program.
Funded projects: Youth Crime Prevention Grants A summary of projects funded through the directed and competitive streams of the Youth Crime Prevention Grants program.
Graffiti Prevention Grants survey report A summary of feedback from recipients of grants for graffiti prevention projects delivered between 2012-2017.
Graffiti Prevention Grants: Budget plan template A budget plan must be submitted with all Graffiti Prevention Grant applications.
Graffiti Prevention Grants: Project management plan template This template must be submitted with your Graffiti Prevention Grants application.
Graffiti vandalism: the motivations and modus operandi of person who do graffiti (External link) A report by the NSW Crime Prevention Division about the motivations of the people who commit graffiti vandalism.