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Links to resources relating to crime prevention in the community.
Title Summary
Safer design guidelines for Victoria (External link) Learn about the guidelines that facilitate safer urban environments for all Victorian communities.
Sample funding agreement: Public Safety Infrastructure Fund grants An example of a Common Funding Agreement used between the Victorian government and organisations.
Survey tool: Measuring perceptions of crime and safety This survey tool has been developed for local councils and others to use to measure perceptions of crime and safety in their local communities.
Sustainability Victoria - Energy efficient lighting resources (External link) Energy efficient lighting is environmentally sustainable and can help to reduce energy costs when using lighting as a crime prevention solution.
Template: Communication and activity plan for crime prevention education and awareness intiatives A template for developing a communication and activity plan for your crime prevention education and awareness initiatives.
The Safety Grind - Guidelines for safer skate parks Guidelines to support local government to deliver and manage safer skate parks in Victoria.
VicHealth - The Partnership Analysis Tool (External link) A resource for organisations entering into or working in a partnership to assess, monitor and maximise their ongoing effectiveness. Includes a useful checklist.
Weblink: Social Cohesion and Pro-Social Responses to Perceptions of Crime in Victoria research report (External link) A report on the findings of a large-scale study which aimed to better understand and measure perceptions of crime and safety in Victorian communities.
Working in Partnership - practical advice for running effective partnerships (External link) A practical partnerships guide including a range of useful templates, examples of MOUs etc.
Youth Crime Prevention Grants: Project Activity Plan template To be completed as part of your Youth Crime Prevention Grants project reporting.
Youth Crime Prevention Grants: Project budget template Download a template to help you complete your project budget.