Pop-Up-Park is an example of using urban design techniques to improve the safety, functionality and attractiveness of a public space. The park was built by the community to reinvigorate an area that had long been a crime and safety concern for local residents. Pop-Up-Park (External link) started as a temporary park opposite Dandenong train station that has now become a semi-permanent attraction due to its popularity and ongoing community support. 

An introduction to the Pop Up Park

The park features two synthetic soccer pitches, a BBQ area with picnic tables and a community garden. It has turned unsightly vacant land into an activated community feature, and in doing so, promoted community safety.   

Events hosted at the Pop-Up-Park, including soccer and rugby training for vulnerable and marginalised groups and community workshops, bring community activity to a space that was previously unused.

A space for events at the Pop Up Park
The construction of the park provided some of the local community’s unemployed young people with a total of five long-term jobs and 24 traineeships as part of Mission Australia’s Urban Renewal program.

Places Victoria and Mission Australia led the implementation of the Pop-Up-Park. The Federal Department of Employment, Education and Workplace Relations and the Department of Transport Planning and Local Infrastructure provided funding for the project.

The innovative Pop-Up-Park helps bring new activity, energy and enthusiasm to the area and contributes to creating a safer place for locals. 

A Community Garden at the Pop Up Park