The portable graffiti removal system (PRS) was originally developed by Maroondah City Council as part of a 2008 Department of Justice grant project. Since then, a number of Victorian councils have established units for loan or for use in local communities under the Graffiti Prevention and Removal Grants program.

In 2013, the Victorian Government made over 300 PRSs available free-of-charge to councils and communities to support community-based graffiti removal activities across Victoria.

PRSs are valuable assets in the fight against graffiti. They are ideal for removing graffiti in situations that are too small to warrant the use of a community trailer and too large to be tackled with removal wipes or smaller kits. Their transportability and the inclusion of a high pressure water system mean they can meet many graffiti removal needs.



Councils that have a PRS available for loan

Ararat Rural City Council
Ballarat City Council
Banyule City Council
Bass Coast Shire Council
Baw Baw Shire Councl
Benalla Rural City Council
Bendigo City Council, Greater
Boroondara City Council
Brimbank City Council
Buloke Shire Council
Campaspe Shire Council
Cardinia Shire Council
Casey City Council
Central Goldfields Shire Council
Colac Otway Shire Council
Corangamite Shire Council
Dandenong City Council, Greater
East Gippsland Shire Council
Frankston City Council
Gannawarra Shire Council
Geelong City Council, Greater
Golden Plains Shire Council
Hepburn Shire Council
Hindmarsh Shire Council
Hume City Council
Indigo Shire Council
Kingston City Council
Knox City Council
Latrobe City Council
Loddon Shire Council
Manningham City Council
Mansfield Shire Council
Maribyrnong City Council
Melton City Council
Mitchell Shire Council
Moira Shire Council
Monash City Council
Moonee Valley City Council
Moreland City Council
Mornington Peninsula Shire Council
Moyne Shire Council
Nillumbik Shire Council
Northern Grampians Shire Council
Port Phillip City Council
Queenscliffe, Borough of
Shepparton City Council, Greater
South Gippsland Shire Council
Southern Grampians Shire Council
Stonnington City Council
Surf Coast Shire Council
Towong Shire Council
Warrnambool City Council
Wellington Shire Council
West Wimmera Shire Council
Whitehorse City Council
Whittlesea City Council
Yarra City Council
Yarra Ranges Shire Council


PRS Safe Operating Procedures


Each portable graffiti removal system (PRS) consists of a 110 litre wheelie bin (w: 480mm h: 980mm d: 560mm) which weighs approximately 20 kilograms fully stocked with the following items:

  • Instructional DVD: Safe Operating Procedures, Portable Graffiti Removal Systems
  • high pressure cleaner, trigger gun, spray lances and manual
  • tap and hose connections
  • electrical extension cable for HPWS (25m)
  • wire basket for smaller items which fits inside bin
  • face shield; nitrile safety gloves
  • 12 x 000 steel wool pads
  • bucket and brush for applying cleaning agent
  • 2 x 2ltr ‘Smart Green Graffiti Remover’ and ‘Smart Green Multi Safe’ and Material Safety Data Sheets (NB. These can be replaced by any other appropriate cleaning agents)
  • 2 x white rags.

Safety first

Whether you are removing graffiti at a school, community organisation or as part of a community team, it is always important to look out for the safety of yourself and the people around you. You should familiarise yourself with the required work tasks and the equipment you will be using.

This information will ensure that you are aware of the Safe Operating Procedures relevant to your graffiti removal work.

If you are intending to remove graffiti that is not on your property, you must seek the necessary approval from the property owners. The graffiti may, in fact, be legal artwork or there may be safety issues that need to be addressed before taking on the removal. If permission is not granted, do not proceed with removing the graffiti. Any property that has been vandalised should be reported to police. This information could be used to prosecute known offenders.

Using a Portable Graffiti Removal System

The portable graffiti removal system (PRS) is a valuable asset in the fight against graffiti in local neighbourhoods. It is a self-contained system ideal for use by community groups and local traders’ associations for the rapid removal of graffiti within their communities.

This procedure will minimise the risk of injury – you should also read and understand the Safe Operating Procedures and manufacturer’s instructions.

The PRS contains all the items necessary for working independently on-site, including:

  • high pressure cleaner complete with an inbuilt power cord
  • extension cord
  • length of garden hose with appropriate connections
  • trigger gun with interchangeable pressure nozzle and dirt blaster lance
  • hose with connectors.

You must always use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and clothing, including:

  • high visibility vest
  • disposable gloves
  • Gauntlet Nitrile Gloves
  • enclosed footwear (NOT canvas shoes)
  • long-sleeve top, long trousers & hat
  • face shield
  • 30+ sunscreen.

The PRS is self-contained within an orange wheelie-bin. The bin itself features a removable storage basket and a tap outlet at the base.

After removing the contents of the bin, it should be filled to approximately one-fifth full with water; using recycled or harvested water where possible. This should be enough water to remove one square metre of graffiti. It can then be wheeled to the work area, and the length of garden hose attached to the bin.

  • Attach the opposite end of the garden hose to the high pressure cleaner.
  • Attach the appropriate end of the high pressure hose to the front of the pressure unit, and the other end of the hose to the trigger gun.
  • Plug the power lead from the high pressure cleaner into a power point (ensuring that no cords can come into contact with water) and switch it on.
  • The unit is now running and ready to use.
  • Hold the trigger down to release a stream of water.

Ensure you have read the instructions for the graffiti removal chemicals and use only as directed. For further information regarding the high pressure cleaner, refer to manufacturer’s instructions.

Be aware that non-authorised people are not permitted in the area where you are working. Anyone found in the work area should be redirected and work should cease until the area is clear.

Download safe operating procedures