The Brimbank community is working together to support young people to grow and thrive – and avoid contact with the justice system.

The Empowering Communities Partnership program has provided $700,000 to the Brimbank community to support community-led initiatives that identify and address local crime and safety issues. 

The Youth Junction Inc. coordinate and lead the Brimbank Local Action Group. The Group distributes funding to initiatives that help local young people to by connecting them to:

  • culture
  • community
  • education
  • family, and
  • employment opportunities.

The Local Action Group has allocated $240,000 to promote youth voice through ‘School Hackathon Workshops’. Youth Endeavour Australia is running the workshops which involve primary and high school students creating projects to address safety issues in their school or community. A number of Hackathons have taken place and projects designed by young people are in development.

The Local Action Group has also allocated $240,000 across four partnership programs:

  • $70,000 will go to the African Foundation for Retention and Opportunity’s Women’s Words program. This program addresses and prevents the breakdown of family and community relations. It also aims to end feelings of isolation that many women of refugee and migrant backgrounds experience when building new lives.
  • Charis Mentoring’s Tautai Lead and Reniu programs will receive $70,000. The funding is to unite Pasifika young people, families and communities through programs and services. 
  • Making Media Australia will receive $50,000 for its Live FM Project. The project provides young people in school settings with the opportunity to share stories and celebrate diversity producing live-radio and podcasts.
  • $50,000 will support the Youth Support and Advocacy Service. The service collaborates with young people to redevelop a welcome space at Sunshine. This will increase opportunities for youth voice and cultural expression. The space will also be used by the Australian African Foundation for Retention and Opportunity and Charis Mentoring.

Empowering Communities Partnerships are supporting 9 local government areas across the state to deliver innovative, evidence-based approaches. The aim is to strengthen local partnerships and increase community cohesion and safety, as part of the delivery of government’s Crime Prevention Strategy.

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