Our approach to preventing crime

The key to tackling the causes of crime lies in local communities and grassroots organisations. This is why supporting and investing in communities is at the centre of our approach to preventing crime.

The Crime Prevention Strategy will complement the Victorian Government’s broader social recovery efforts by empowering communities to innovate and address issues at a local level. This Strategy recognises that Victorian communities are strong and resilient and hold the knowledge, skills and experience to design and deliver effectives solutions to local issues.

The Strategy is focused on early intervention support for people and communities where there are opportunities to build on community resilience and strengths to tackle local issues and create safer and more connected places to live, work and play.  

Through our Building Safer Communities Program, a cornerstone initiative under the Strategy, we are listening to communities through a series of forums, and empowering and investing in local solutions through grants.

Our key crime prevention partners

  • community and multicultural organisations
  • Crime Stoppers Victoria
  • local councils
  • Neighbourhood Watch Victoria
  • sporting organisations 
  • universities, including New York University, Melbourne University and Swinburne University of Technology
  • Victoria Police
  • Victorian government departments

Key principles

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Community is at the centre of crime prevention efforts

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Strengths of individuals, families and communities will be recognised and built upon

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Early support will be provided to young Victorians at risk, before they come into contact with the justice system

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Crime prevention is a shared responsibility between government, communities and individuals

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Innovation and evidence will underpin our approach to crime prevention

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Culturally safe and inclusive crime prevention approaches.

 Three action areas

The primary focus of the Strategy is to empower and invest in communities to deliver tailored and effective interventions addressing the causes of offending. 

This focus will be supported by work to enhance and connect support to people and communities in need, including through creating partnerships across private, public and community sectors, and to build and share the evidence base on what works to prevent crime. 

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