About the Ubuntu Empowering Mothers Project

A project to strengthen connections between young people, their families and their communities has been launched in Melbourne’s south-east and west.

The Ubuntu Empowering Mothers project will help build the capacity of African Australian mothers to strengthen family, community and societal relationships and to support young people to live fulfilling lives.

The project provides direct support to mothers, young people and families and is a partnership between the University of Melbourne and two grassroots African Australian community organisations, Afri-Aus Care and the Australian-African Foundation for Retention and Opportunity (AAFRO).

Read about some of the participants stories below.

Mama Veronica's story

Mama Veronica and her children have a renewed sense of purpose, thanks to the support from the Ubuntu Empowering Mothers project in Dandenong.

Originally from Kenya, Mama Veronica worked as a counsellor before moving with her family to Australia in 2007.  

In 2019 she was introduced by a mutual friend to Selba-Gondoza Luka, Founder and CEO of Afri-Aus Care, who encouraged her to come to the Afri-Aus Centre in Dandenong. From there, through the Ubuntu Empowering Mothers project, a larger community has grown.

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Mama Veronica, a participant in the Ubuntu project

Mama Rita's story

Starting as a volunteer in 2019 with the Afri-Aus Care centre in Dandenong, Mama Rita gained employment as an NDIS advocate and spokeswoman for the Empowering African Women Group.

Through Afri-Aus Care Mama Rita also works as a translator, accompanying other African-Australian women while they attend medical appointments and English language classes. This support is something Mama Rita is currently offering to her cousin who is living in palliative care.

Providing support is never a burden for Mama Rita, but simply an unquestionable part of what you do for you family and your community.

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Mama Rita, a participant in the Ubuntu project

Mama Hakima’s story 

Volunteer Mama Hakima’s connection with the Ubuntu Empowering Mothers Project has been life changing, with three generations in her family benefitting.

Mama Hakima was introduced to the project in 2019 through friends who, showing true community spirit, encouraged her to take part in the many activities on offer. She now meets regularly with other women involved in the project to take part in support sessions. During the COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020 they took these sessions online, to ensure no-one felt alone. The women focus on empowering and assisting each other to find jobs and to work through personal issues in their lives.

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 A smiling lady wearing traditional red African dress with head wear siting in a chair in a garden