The Ubuntu Empowering Mothers project provides direct support to mothers, young people and families. 

The project is delivered in partnership by the University of Melbourne, Afri-Aus Care and the Australian African Foundation for Retention and Opportunity. As at the end of 2022, the project has supported 319 mothers, young people and children since 2020, with 158 participants and family members securing employment.

As well as supporting families in Melbourne’s south-east and west to connect them with the right services, the project has also developed guidelines and a toolkit for:

  • service providers
  • professionals
  • community organisations, and
  • government.

The aim is to improve work with African-Australian families in respectful, inclusive and culturally responsive ways.

The project is grounded in the African philosophy of Ubuntu which emphasises the importance of connections and strong relationships between individuals, families and communities and is often described by the statement ‘I am because we are’.

The Ubuntu Empowering Mothers project has received further funding through the Building Safer Communities Program to continue supporting the wellbeing of mothers, building their connectedness and capacity to support young people in their communities.

Read the case studies below to find out more about the project.