This is a template for a survey that can be completed by business owners and/or local residents in areas nearby to the target area before and after your community safety infrastructure project is implemented.

The survey instrument may be adapted to reflect the outputs and outcomes specific to your project. The text in blue throughout provides guidance on the how each section may be adapted to suit the specifics of your project and evaluation. The questionnaire has been split into modules. You don’t need to include all of the modules—you can limit the survey to those modules and questions most relevant to your project.

But remember—you must ask the same questions in both the baseline and follow-up surveys. That way you can compare the results and measure change over time.

This survey has been adapted from: Lee M, Ellis J, Balmer N & Clancey G 2014. Perceptions of crime and safety: Survey design and implementation. Report to the City of Sydney

Australian Institute of Criminology and Community Crime Prevention
Department of Justice and Community Safety
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