The ‘Step into Training and Employment’ program is a prototype initiative which targets young people across social housing estates in Flemington and North Richmond.

Jobs Victoria received $300,000 in crime prevention funding to deliver the program. Brotherhood of St Laurence and Jesuit Social Services run the initiative.

Attendees include people from culturally and linguistically diverse communities. This is to help build up their skill sets and support them towards gaining employment.

Participants identify personal knowledge gaps as well as their needs and opportunities for fulfilling careers. They also take part in skill development exercises such as:

  • resume writing
  • preparing job applications, and
  • finding placements.

The program works with potential employers to help connect participants to job opportunities. It also focusses on offering inclusive cultural supports to help those from diverse backgrounds to find employment.

More than 60 young people have participated in the initiative. Almost half have found ongoing employment or participated in internships through the program.

The program is one of 6 prototype projects supported as part of a $5 million investment in funding through the 2019-20 Victorian Budget, with a range of initiatives established to successful crime prevention approaches to inform the development of the Crime Prevention Strategy.