To measure progress against the four crime prevention overarching outcomes, we will collect data from across government department and agencies, as well as community-level data.

Action Area 1 aims to equip and work alongside communities to address risk factors for offending.

Measuring our impact – Action Area 1  

To measure progress in Action Area 1 we will track indicators such as the number of people engaged in services related to education and employment, the number of relevant offences in communities, partnerships and alliances formed between community stakeholders, and how communities are feeling about crime and safety. 

Connected, inclusive communities are safer communities, and local solutions work best.

Community members know their local, social and cultural context and what solutions could work with the right opportunities and support.

That is why we will invest in communities so they can lead the way in developing and implementing solutions to address the root causes of crime.

Communities can be brought together by geographic location or shared characteristics such as culture, age or experience. We recognise the diverse range of communities in Victoria and the range of opportunities for preventing crime. 

We will empower and work with communities on crime prevention efforts in two ways:

  • working with specific communities who need the most assistance to prevent crime, and supporting them to design and deliver effective crime prevention initiatives
  • delivering enhanced community crime prevention grants to fund innovative approaches to crime prevention across Victoria. 

Work under the Strategy will be focused on communities where there are opportunities to improve community safety and support people who require additional support tailored to the local needs and context.

Graphic of three hexagon shapes with key shape displaying text Empower and invest in communities

Building Safer Communities Program

redeveloped streetscape in Brimbank featuring seating and landscaping

The Building Safer Communities Program is a renewed approach to crime prevention grants and builds on the lessons learnt from previous projects and initiatives. The program is designed to empower and invest in communities to implement local, evidence-based and innovative solutions to address crime prevention issues and improve community safety. The program includes three grant streams:

  • Stream 1 – Creating Safer Places
  • Stream 2 – Crime Prevention Innovation Fund
  • Stream 3 – Empowering Communities

Streams 1 and 2 are competitive grants of between $25,000 - $300,000 which provide Victorian councils, not-for-profit organisations and other stakeholders with the opportunity to apply for funding to undertake crime prevention activities. These may include urban design projects to deter crime and activate public spaces, or partnerships projects that deliver and evaluate new and innovative community safety initiatives.

Stream 3 delivers targeted grants to priority communities which support the development of community-led crime prevention initiatives. These grants recognise that communities are well placed to deliver effective, innovative and sustainable crime prevention approaches when they have access to resources, expertise and practical tools, and are united by a common goal.

The program also delivers community crime prevention forums throughout Victoria. These forums are an opportunity to bring together key stakeholders, including local councils, community organisations, community members, local police, youth services, schools and crime prevention experts, to identify local crime issues and discuss how they can be addressed. These forums leverage the power of local experience and knowledge, as well as data from government and council to create a more holistic understanding of what is occurring in communities.

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Improving safety at night for women and gender diverse people in the CBD

Melbourne CBD laneway at night

The City of Melbourne received a $193,000 Crime Prevention Innovation Fund grant through the Building Safer Communities Program to improve safety for women and gender diverse people visiting the city at night.

Project Night Justice will deliver a Night Safety Summit, develop a Night Safety Charter, implement a sexual assault behaviour change and awareness campaign, and a Good Night Out Accreditation program.

The City of Melbourne will work with project partners Victoria Police, Salvation Army, Crime Stoppers Victoria, Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia, Melbourne Licensees Forum and the University of Melbourne.

Project Night Justice will help ensure everyone can safely enjoy Melbourne’s vibrant night-time economy.

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