The Building Safer Communities Program has replaced the previous grants programs: Public Safety Infrastructure Fund, Community Safety Fund and Graffiti Prevention Grants.

The new grants will be delivered through the Community Crime Prevention Program and provide Victorian councils, community organisations and other stakeholders the opportunity to apply for grant funding to support innovative, evidence-based approaches to address crime and improve community safety. Projects that address graffiti prevention measures are eligible for funding under the new program.  

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Graffiti Prevention Grants provided funding of up to $25,000 for councils to partner with their local communities to develop and deliver projects to prevent graffiti vandalism.

The types of projects that were funded as part of this grants program included: 

  • environmental design initiatives to cover walls vulnerable to graffiti vandalism, such as vertical gardens and plants, murals and public art
  • place-based activities that encourage space activation and community ownership to care for an area which is a graffiti hotspot
  • graffiti removal activities and resources for use by project partners that form part of broader graffiti prevention efforts
  • anti-graffiti education initiatives to engage the community, in particular young people.

Councils partnered with community stakeholders, such as community, resident and sporting groups, schools, local police, small businesses and retailers and their associations, to develop and deliver local graffiti prevention and removal solutions.

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