Fast facts

Project name: Graffiti Prevention Educational DVD

Organisation: Greater Shepparton City Council

Grant fund: Graffiti Prevention and Removal Round 3

Grant amount: $14,095

Co-contribution: $6510 (in-kind)

Project partners: Victoria Police, Wanganui Park Secondary College

Greater Shepparton City Council partnered with Victoria Police, students from Wanganui Park Secondary College and a local production company to produce a five-minute educational DVD on the laws, risks and consequences associated with illegal graffiti.

According to police statistics, young people under the age of 18 are the main offenders when it comes to graffiti-related crime in Shepparton. Graffiti is costly to the community. It also affects the lives and families of graffiti vandals, following criminal convictions.

The thought-provoking DVD, Your Move (External link), has a focus on peer pressure and incorporates key messages. These messages appeal to young people by challenging their thinking at a key developmental stage in their lives, while suggesting legal options for artistic expression.

A local urban artist/youth worker was also consulted to offer insight into the mindset of a graffiti offender. The DVD highlights the positives of using artistic talent for personal satisfaction and financial reward, instead of the negative consequences of breaking the law.

The approach leads the audience to a ‘light bulb moment’ rather than simply telling them what they shouldn’t do. Both students and local police contributed to the film content and filled acting roles, with one student playing the lead role.

An educational kit was distributed to schools which included the DVD, 'Your Move' posters, introductory material for educators and brochures outlining the consequences of engaging in illegal graffiti.

Following the distribution of the kits, a survey found that most students:

  • thought the DVD might prevent someone doing graffiti in the future
  • were aware that graffiti is a crime if they don’t have permission from the owner
  • understood that having a criminal conviction may affect future career and travel prospects.

Of the teachers surveyed, most commented that the film was engaging with clear messages, and was well-received by students.