Prompt removal of graffiti tends to discourage further attacks. Graffiti will usually be easier to clean soon after it is marked.

Residential and business property

Your local council (External link) can provide help to residents and traders. This may include the following resources that have been developed through the Community Crime Prevention program:

  • graffiti hotlines for residents and businesses to report graffiti
  • free or discounted graffiti removal services for residents and retailers
  • free or discounted graffiti removal kits, paint and anti-graffiti coatings (ideal for removing graffiti in situations that are too large for removal wipes and small kits but too small to use a community trailer. They are easy to move around and include a high pressure water system)
  • community graffiti removal trailers.

Your local hardware store may also be able to provide advice on appropriate graffiti removal products.

Public property

Council property

Contact your local council (External link)or local graffiti hotline to report graffiti on:

  • council buildings
  • parks and reserves
  • foreshores
  • public toilets
  • street furniture including seats and litter bins
  • playgrounds and equipment
  • footpaths and bike paths
  • sculptures, monuments and art works
  • council signs
  • some bus shelters.

Your council may also be able to help develop an adopt-a-space or care-for-an-area project in a particular location such as a local park, street, bus shelter or shopping strip. In these projects, community members rally together to clean-up and maintain an area.

Public transport property

Call Public Transport Victoria (External link) on 1800 800 007 to report graffiti on public transport property, including:

  • trains
  • trams
  • buses
  • railway stations
  • tram and bus stops and shelters
  • rail corridor.

Public utilities

Contact VicRoads (External link) for traffic lights, traffic signal poles, signal boxes and most road signs.

Contact Telstra (External link) for telephone boxes, telephone poles, telephone stations and other Telstra property.

Contact your local electricity provider for power poles, electricity supply units and other electricity company property.

Contact Australia Post (External link) for post boxes.