Date of Publication

Purpose of these guidelines

The Youth Crime Prevention Program Guidelines will apply to all funded organisations and their partners. It is expected that services delivered as part of the Program are consistent with the directions and intentions of these Guidelines.

You can read the Guidelines online or download the PDF above.


The Youth Crime Prevention Program (External link)

  • Program description
  • Program outcomes
  • Reviewing and enhancing the YCPP
  • Participant eligibility
  • Program targets
  • Funding use

Enhancing outcomes for young people (External link)

  • Policy and strategic context
    • The Crime Prevention Strategy
    • Better, Connected Care
    • Other relevant policies and initiatives 
  • Practice considerations
    • Working with children and young people
  • Incident Reporting
  • Learnings from implementation to date 

Reporting (External link)

  • Categorising types of intervention
    • Individualised case-managed support
    • Mentoring and coaching supports
    • Pro-social activity and engagement
    • Sector development and capability building
  • Reporting on activity and outcomes
    • Reporting frequency and content
    • Reporting improvement in protective and / or risk factors
    • Providing participant identifying information
    • Counting rules

Reporting matrix (External link)

Appendix 1: Useful Resources (External link)


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