Greater Geelong City Council (External link) has developed a short educational video to help business owners reduce crime and graffiti at their premises.

Based at a shopping strip in Geelong, the video aims to educate business owners on the use of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles to reduce the risk of break-ins, vandalism and graffiti.

The video was funded through a $30,000 Graffiti Prevention Grant awarded to council in the 2018-19 grant round.

Greater Geelong City Council has seen a significant increase in graffiti occurring on local businesses over recent years. While graffiti on council property is removed quickly, it can stay for a significant amount of time on private property if the owner does not remove it. Since the implementation of CPTED principles and clean up of the area, council report there has been no graffiti vandalism experienced at this local shopping strip.

The project also included a pilot paint voucher program to further assist businesses who have been experiencing ongoing graffiti. Businesses will be entitled to one voucher per year from council, which can be redeemed for paint and a small roller and tray kit at a local paint supplier.

Council worked in close partnership with Victoria Police and representatives from local trader groups to develop the video. 

All Victorian councils are encouraged to share this video (External link) to help inform business owners in their own municipalities about the benefits of CPTED.

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